Thursday, 20 August 2009

the owl club

The Owl Club collage badge

I've always loved owls. I'm in good company of course: my favourite filmmaker Chris Marker is an owl and cat lover, along with millions of other people. My mum reckons it's their front-facing eyes: it makes them seem so human and cute.

When I was a kid (not sure how old - about 6 or 7?) I started this club called The Owl Club for owl loving people.

Its members were a hotch-potch of my friends and (mostly) my mum's friends. The best bit was making the newsletter. I knew clubs had to have one. I would cut out pictures of owls and write about them. We also had jokes (I shudder to think...) and competitions.

We had a drawing competition and people actually sent in these amazingly beautiful drawings of owls. It was won by dear R, a friend of the family who sadly passed away last year. I hope my mum still has them somewhere: maybe I'll scan them and post them here sometime.

Anyway, that's the background to my blog title and Etsy shop name. I made a 58mm badge, an owl collage, to commemorate that time.

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