Friday, 28 August 2009

pin me down

I love badges (pinback buttons, pins, whatever you want to call them!) because they are such an easy way to subtly change or completely transform what you're wearing. I usually wear one every day, and if I don't have one to match my mood or outfit, I make one!

But I love it when people wear lots all together, like this fabulous hat in Vogue (above) and the amazing customised prom bag posted as part of Suzanna Taylor's prom outfit on lookbook (see below). My mum used to collect badges (the roots of my obsession) and pinned them on a plum-coloured cord jacket. Once, in the 1980s, she wore this badge-covered masterpiece with hot-pink silk-satin harem pants to a dinner party - wonderfully outrageous! I wish I had a photo...

You can also pin them on shoes, hats, purses... even curtains! Anything made of fabric. And the beauty of it is that you can always just take them off, change them, start over.

Individual, versatile and transient... the ultimate fashion statement.

Homemade Bag With Badges, Topshop Pumps With Metallic Heart Print, Vintage DressSee the original post on lookbook, by Suzanna Taylor, here

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Liz said...

Love that Vogue image - so cool! Maybe not so easy to pull of though...

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