Monday, 24 August 2009

plum jam recipe

I always use the following instructions, scrawled into a little yellow notebook the first time my Mum and I made jam together:

1. Prepare space - needs plenty of clean space!
2. Get jars - wash in hot soapy water and put in lowest oven to dry out and sterilize.
3. Weigh fruit: 1kg - 2lbs - plums to 1kg sugar

4. Cook fruit in a little water (about 1/4 pint - 11oml - for 1kg/2lbs plums). Put in 1/2 lemon. Keep stones in (remove after cooking with a knife) or put them in a muslin bag - for the pectin.
5. Cook till soft
6. Remove stones if necessary (using 2 bowls, knife and spoon)
7. Plums back into pan (if necessary) - add sugar and stir in with big wooden spoon

8. Boil up - you need to be around, stir occasionally - not too often! - with spoon to stop any sticking on botton (use the heaviest-bottomed pan you can find)
9. You can boil the stones in water in another pan for extra pectin.
10. To test when it's ready - setting - drip some jam from near bottom of pan onto a chilled plate. Allow to cool. If it crinkles when you push your finger into it, it's setting.
11. Remove jars from oven. Dip pyrex jug into jam (or use a ladle) and pour into jars (you can use a funnel but I personally don't like this). Wait a few moments before putting on lids.

VoilĂ ! I love instruction number 1. It's so motherly - it always makes me laugh. But yet so useful - typical!

p.s. hope you like my little jam badge - worn with gingham Steve Alan for Uniqlo shirt above - there will be more of these!


Bonnie said...

Great! :) I bookmarked this post.

Unknown said...

Cool - let me know when you make it & post some pics!

LPFish said...

oh god - that looks good - you KNOW me and jam.... chutney.... mmmmm x

Unknown said...

If only I could post the amazing fragrance!

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