Wednesday, 19 August 2009


This is my latest creation, photographed among the mushrooms and roses in our lovely garden. I'm happy because last night I was able to salvage this little badge which had somehow gone wrong in the making.

After hours of carefully choosing the image, word, letters and background, cutting them delicately and painstakingly gluing them together, I put the backing wrongly into my badgemaker...

But I managed to prise and cut off the central image - a rare orchid - cut round it, and stick it on to a different background. I prefer it like this, with three layers instead of two.

And I'd been hesitant between a rich red and an animal-print background. So now there are both!

A trivial tale. A minute minutia among the minutiae of these small projects... but still satisfying when something that seems wasted can be recuperated. And salvaging things that might otherwise be thrown away is one of the pleasures of collage for me.

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