Tuesday, 15 September 2009

the new season & me

Fall09 by theowlclub featuring Luella

I love the turn of seasons because nature is on the move. You know: leaves are swirling and changing colour, flowers fading, fruits ripening, that kind of thing.

But sometimes it's a completely different kind of trip: a fashion thing. Glossy magazines ripen into heavy tomes detailing the fall trends. Mmmm, all those delicious-looking colours and textures just waiting to become my new favourite wrappings!

I've always been slightly addicted to magazines. Fashion shoots are like theatre, or even the movies. They take you into different realms, they make you dream. And never more so than at the turn of the season

However my fashion-lust is somewhat in conflict with other things I care about, like the importance of making things by hand, of preserving resources and living ethically. It's pretty hard for fashion to be ethical on the whole, because all those whims and the capriciousness of trends tend to be a little wasteful: not always, but a lot.

Musing on my conflicting thrill at the new clothes in their Autumn glory arriving in shops and my desire to reject the corporate merry-go-round of consupmtion, I decided to make some badges (some for me, some for sale on Etsy). After all, I did write recently that badges are the ultimate fashion statement.

Made from recycled magazines, they feature four of the key Fall trends: leather, tweed, distressed denim and sequins. Instead of big fashion labels, these have discrete little fashion-adjective labels, like 'très chic' and 'pretty'. They might be literal or tongue-in-cheek depending on your mood.

Whether or not I give in to my Autumnal clothing cravings, these little buttons are going to look so now.

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