Monday, 19 October 2009

pom-poms are so perfect: part 1

folksy pom-pom boots at John Galliano A/W 2009

I currently have a thing for pom-poms. They are sweet and silly, colourful and appealing, and they're easy to make. You can use them to decorate just about anything - like Ashish's customised American Apparel hoodie for Vogue, below.

I am making a gigantic pom-pom! I had hoped to include some pictures of it in this post, but it's taking a while... There will be a part deux. People keep asking me what I'll do with it when it's ready. I really don't know yet, but I'm sure something wonderful will happen when it finally emerges!

From UK Vogue, November 2009 issue

As if they weren't great enough already, pom-poms are also now have their own political movement! Check out the Pom-poms for World Peace movement to see what I mean...


Allie said...

I totally forgot how cool pom poms are! Thanks for reminding me!

Anonymous said...

Tee hee !
Thanks so much for including my Juggler Girl's Headband ! You made my day :)
And now I'm dying to see that gigantic pompom !!! How fun !
x x x

Unknown said...

Huge pom-pom is nearly ready now! I hope it actually works... and that it doesn't seem too small. Maybe calling it 'gigantic' was too much hype (it is smaller than my head, for example...)

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