Wednesday, 28 September 2011

all sewn up with Beth Wilson

Usually I plan to try out tutorials but don't get round to it. But today when I came across Beth Wilson's brilliant business card tutorial I had a bit of a seize-the-day moment! I took a break at lunchtime and positively whizzed through it, thanks to her fab instructions. Only one problem: I totally got the size wrong (despite her warning about this!) So it morphed into a cute holder for one of my vintage playing card decks (I have quite a collection).

Now I just have to make another one in the CORRECT size for my business cards, and we're golden! I was thinking this would make a pretty sweet Christmas present too... (Either for business cards or for playing cards!) I can imagine some embroidery personalising it... So many options!

Thanks so much for the inspiration and guidance Beth!


Beth Doodlecats said...

Ooh wow it looks great! I love your choice of fabrics.

Mamasita said...

This is so darling! Great job :-)
I just became a follower of your blog so I can check in and see what you are up to! I love your nesting owl doll post - too cute! My grandmother had one that I would play with for hours and hours... such a memory to treasure!
I hope you are having an excellent week thus far... Keep in touch,

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Looks fabulous! And I love those playing cards too:)

I had no idea it was called duck egg blue, such a pretty color though! And I loved the red cardinal too. Haha me too, guess there could be a story behind it.

made by my rabbit said...

that is mighty pretty fabric there! very cool! xx

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