Wednesday, 21 September 2011

baby steps

As I wrote in this post, last year my mum gave me sewing lessons for my birthday. I haven't made a lot of progress since then, as I found combining looking after a tiny baby and sewing quite tricky. I'm still working on a quilt I started making for baby owl nearly a year ago (and it's looking pretty wonky at the moment!)

However I do really love it and I just keep trying, whenever I get a moment. Yesterday evening I was inspired by thinking about my friend's baby who is due to arrive any day now. I also wanted to try out an appliqué technique using bondaweb + top stitch. So I made little Jacob a snuggly with ribbon tags of different textures and appliqué star and 'J', using some odd pieces of fabric I had lying around.

At around 2-3 months, babies love touching different textures with their hands (and tongues!): shiny satin ribbons, soft velvet ones, embroidered ones, even the stitching on the appliqués and the squidgy stuffing - it's all new and interesting to them!

It's not a complicated thing to make and it's far from perfect (top stitch went seriously off course on the 'J'!) But it's all good practice and I always learn something...taking baby steps to (eventual) sewing proficiency!


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

What a cute toy! At first I had no idea what it'd be for haha, but when I read it I thought it was a really neat idea! And it looks lovely<3

Unknown said...

Aw thanks!

I think I'm going to have to attach a note explaining it when I give it to my friend!

It's also cool to put bells, beads or dry beans inside for more sensory stimulation (my little one has various versions!), but I wanted this one to be quiet and snuggly, so I just put some drops of lavender oil into the stuffing.

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