Wednesday, 14 September 2011

happiness is a warm blog

Lots of good things are happening online and I thought I'd take a moment to list a few! First off, I'm feeling very happy about winning a sweet owl made by Rabbitsmoon in a giveaway on  Itty Bitty Cute and Pretty.

Sweet and rather unusual, don't you think? Talk about lucky! What made it better still was watching the draw on a video blog post and seeing my name drawn! This really makes me want to hold my own giveaway soon, to spread the love.

Itty Bitty Cute and Pretty's blog is well worth checking out. She collects Japanese Pose Dolls. I'd never heard of them before but found out all about them thanks to her blog and the amazing Flickr galleries. I love collections and collectors!

The second cool thing is having my new Japanese fabric pinback badges featured on illustrator Sven Palmowski's blog Badge Review. It's always nice to be chosen!

My photography is somewhat hit and miss and I know my photos of these badges aren't the best, so it's reassuring to think that their prettiness shines through. I love Badge Review - Sven always finds the coolest badges (or pins, or buttons, or whatever you want to call them) His are nice too - I own some.

Two other instances of warm and fuzzy online generosity and creativity are Magic Jelly's foxy Haiku contest (deadline Monday 19th September) and A is for Ampersand's Paper Sparrow giveaway (you can win $25 of Paper Sparrow goodies, winner announced 20th September).

This beautiful Folk Like Us bracelet by Magic Jelly will be a prize for one lucky Haiku writer. These bracelets will feature in her soon-to-open online shop.

8x10 print by Paper Sparrow

That's three creative and pretty blogs to follow, two amazing prizes to hope for and one fox-inspired Haiku written. Oh happy days.

Here's my Haiku (see the others here, inspiring!):

Autumn nights grow cold
A fox comes to the city
A strange cry is heard

Fantastic foxes pendant by Paper Sparrow

Update: Can't believe I posted this before the amazing Cat-tastic blog party & giveaway on Paper Sparrow, just click the button below!


Stevie-Lynn said...

Oh wow, congrats on winning the giveaway! The owl is supercute :-D

P.S. I replied to your question about the decos in my blog post (sorry it took me a few days to reply)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Congrats! Both on winning as well as the button thing:)

And thanks for the tip, I joined the haiku giveaway!

Unknown said...

Thanks you guys!

Loved your haiku Blue Eyed Night Owl

Andrea said...

congrats on winning the adorable owl! thanks for sharing the links and following along with the blog party suki : ) xo

Unknown said...

Thanks Andrea, I'm really looking forward to the Tim Burton and Hitchcock themes next month too!

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