Monday, 10 October 2011

B.B. chic

In response to the question, "who are your fashion icons?" (see lovely Audrey Hepburn post here) I found myself citing Brigitte Bardot as one of them. But browsing the net afterwards I realised that many of the popular and iconic images of B.B. (as she was known in her heydey, and in the Serge Gainsbourg song BB Initials) weren't quite what I had in mind: focusing on her hair, features and body, they had little to do with fashion and everything to do with her sex-kitten fame. She seems sometimes to have frozen into a pop art parody of herself...
Don't get me wrong, B.B. was always a sex kitten: the combination of curvaceous sensuality (sex) with a fresh, childlike spontaneity (kitten) is what made her famous in films like Roger Vadim's And God Created Woman. But I prefer her earlier, 1950s looks to the biker-bimbo style of the 1960s. Here are some examples of one of her less well-known films, Une Parisienne, where she plays Brigitte, the spoiled  and innocent daughter of a French Ambassador, who cons one of his top aides into marrying her.

Let's kick off with this gorgeously simple country weekend-wear: beige suede jacket, skinny indigo jeans, flat shearling boots:
 (you just know that animal-lover Brigitte is so not going hunting with her dad's friends!)
 pale blue wool suit, buttoned up to a cute exagerated collar:
 the ultra-sexy red dress is so obvious, but I love the huge sparkly earrings:
 a long grey coat in a grey check with taupe dress, heels and gloves = perfect for Paris:
 when you're taking a private plane flight with Prince Charles, you had better wear a chic jumpsuit and luxurious headscarf!
 B.B. is queen of the kitten-flick eyeliner, with grey shadow and a creamy nude lip: classic!
Are there stars whose style you love only in particular films or moments?


以柔 said...

I love how you wrote this post :D Both Audrey Hepburn and B.B are my fashion icons too!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Embarrassing as this may be, I think I might not have actually seen an entire Brigitte Bardot film. Adding this to my list!

And I adore that pale blue suit<3

andrea said...

great post on B.B.! I, too, did the same internet search and ended up with the 'other' images and not these gorgeous, stylish ones you have featured. I'll be thinking about your question some more as to a star whose style has changed to something not as like-able. xo

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