Thursday, 13 October 2011

creative to-do list

Does anyone else adore the smell and feel of wax crayons? I find it so comforting, takes me straight back to childhood. I used my 15 month-old son's well-chewed set to make a to-do list for my creative projects, which have been buzzing around in my head the past couple of nights and keeping me from sleeping. I found using them made me write and draw like a child, which I very much enjoyed!
Why do babies love to chew on wax crayons? They don't taste very good. Maybe it's just a pleasurable texture to gnaw on. Anyway, thanks for the loan sweetie, you can have them back now!


Mamasita said...

oooo i love crayons!!!! my favorite was the big box you could get (and i think still can) that had the sharpener on the back of the box!!!! the array of colors is such a fest for the eyes!
glad you enjoyed them - we all should take time to!
happy thursday :-)

Anonymous said...

I love crayons as well, I think it's the ex-kindergarten teacher in me ;)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Rediscovering things from your childhood is always lovely! And I love your list<3

Also I really liked your comment about the Mark Ryden painting. And I can definitely see how it reminded you of that painting. Funny how you can have a kind of art deja-vu;)

P.S. I'll look into the Brigitte Bardot movie! Thanks for the tip!

Immie said...

I agree about wax crayons...they leave your hands smelling like nostalgia ^_^ Your number 3 to-do is so cute xD

Gentri said...

haha! I love it. :) Your blog is super cute!

Melissa at said...

This is probably the prettiest to do list I've ever seen :). And yes, adore that familar crayon smell! I would get all kinds of excited when my mom would get me a new box of crayons...


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