Wednesday, 26 October 2011

wise guys

You may remember my post about nesting dolls (here) and how much I loved the idea of sets of owls, one inside the other. So imagine my delight upon finding these guys! I love their Autumnal colours and the way each one has a different character. 
They are second-hand (ebay). I particularly love the last little owl - he looks a little bemused and has very fetching yellow feathers on his belly. I thought they deserved a little outing amid the Autumn leaves and berries in my garden.

In other Autumn-themed news I'm preparing a guest post for the Blue Eyed Night Owl Autumn blog party, coming soon! It's going to be lots of fun...


Immie said...

Aw what a great find! My favourite is the second one...such a chilled out expression!

Can't wait to see your post in the Autumn party :D

lazy explorers said...

Those are amazing! I was looking on Etsy for owl nesting dolls, but I couldn't find any I especially loved. I definitely love your set!

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