Friday, 4 November 2011


My letterbox has been seeing a lot of action lately, with more fun to come! Here are some of the lovely things that arrived this past week:
Yay, my giveaway prizes arrived from Clare from Borderline last week. She was so sweet to include little extras like the adorable stickers (I LOVE stickers) and sweet little card.

She also included some treats: a Starbar and a Halloween-themed 'screme' egg with green goo inside... yum... sorry, my man and I simply couldn't hold back long enough for me to get a photo! For more details about the prizes, see this post.
Remember way back when I found out I won this sweet little handmade owl by Rabbit Moon, from a giveaway on Christine's blog? Well it arrived this week, beautifully packaged and with a lovely note. Apparently there are going to be regular giveaways on the Itty Bitty Cute and Pretty Blog - worth keeping an eye on that!
Finally this beautiful vintage 1970s sheet arrived from Kathleen of the cute vintage shop Artiefart, accompanied by a charming vintage card. I bought it to use as backing for the (very imperfect) patchwork quilt I'm making for my little boy. It's exactly what I wanted (and the card appeals to the mama in me)! 

I will of course be posting about the results when I finally get the quilt finished... If anyone knows where I can get some vintage, plain turquoise fabric for the edging strips, please let me know!


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

First off, wow you listen to CocoRosie too?!!! I noticed (in the sidebar) that you had played Lyla, I LOVE that song. And CocoRosie! I have seen them 4 times in concert:D

These are all great! Congrats on all your winnings. And I love how you added the missing candy in the picture;)

Look forward to seeing the finished quilt!

SamanthaJoy said...

Oooh,. they are all so very cute!!
I look forward to seeing the finished quilt as well.

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