Wednesday, 16 November 2011

more fun with circles

Lately I've been making some little brooches from circles of fabric. It's a neat way to use up little scraps leftover from other projects. 
They were inspired by this brooch, shown below, which came with a Noa Noa cardigan and which I wear all the time. I was looking at it and realised how easy it would be to make one myself.
original Noa Noa brooch
The photo below shows my first attempt: red felt, with a mix of vintage and new fabric, sequins and a bead. I used two circles of felt, to hide the stitching at the back, and put some stuffing in the middle to give it some volume.
My next attempt was the green one shown in the first photo. But my favourite is my third attempt, shown below, with 2 circles of vintage fabric, a little pearly star button and a sequin. I'm so happy with how it came out that I'm going to give it to a friend for her birthday (I'll be making more for Christmas gifts too).
I think they'd be even lovelier made with real-wool felt, but I have plenty of felt stocks and for me it's important to use what I already have. In time they will get all lovely and frayed and crazy like the one I based them on!


made by my rabbit said...

I really like them!

They are a really good idea for all the scraps of left over fabric too.


Suki said...

Thanks! I find it really hard to throw anything away so I love finding ways to put scraps to good use.

Maša said...

Noa Noa brooch is my favorite! :)

Mamasita said...

oooo i love the little one with the star button! perfect for winter :-)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

These look great! And I bet you could make lots of them in lots of colors and have one to wear with any possible outfit. Neat:D

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