Thursday, 17 November 2011

owls at home

A quick visual tour of some of the lovely owls around our house and where they come from...
wearing my wonderful new barn owl brooch from Blue Eyed Night Owl
owl print by Sinta - a gift from my lovely man in 2009
Ollie the Owl by Ivory Clouds

a vintage perfume bottle holder - a present from the lovely lady I wrote about in this post
I love the name of the perfume and the vintage label. It doesn't smell so pretty these days however!
image from my son's adorable bedtime book, "Bonne Nuit"

A musical owl (it plays "twinkle, twinkle little star") I bought for my son in Toronto, when I was pregnant. I used to play it to my belly each night. Twinkle twinkle little star was the first song I sung to my son when he was born and I could swear he recognised it!


polkadot-pretties said...

Aww thanks for sharing :)
My favourite is the painting!!!!

Immie said...

I wish I had such a wonderful theme running through my house in the form of cute, watchful owls :) Alas, I'm too scatterbrained! <3

Stacie Grissom said...

I love that owl broach! :D

Becky said...

I love owls :) and the musical one is my fav.

Jessica Marie said...

Is there anyone who doesn't love owls? They're just too cute! I especially like the perfume bottle owl...even if it may not be as fragrant as prior days!

Splendiferous Inclinations

Maša said...

sweet story about your musical owl. :)

beth said...

Suki!!! I am so excited that Maggie from this little life of mine hooked us up! I LOVE your blog-I will be back and thanks SO much for adding me to your list-i am new and so excited about blogging I almost need to quit my day job! haha, have a super weekend new friend---xo beth larson (brown sparrow studio) : )

Kate Strohm said...

I love owls! =] This is so cute.


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Wow! You have so many great owls!
And I'm so glad to see you're enjoying the owl brooch:D

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