Friday, 9 December 2011

I heart lavender (and my mum)

Lately in the evenings I have been making lavender hearts as Christmas presents. It's a lovely relaxing evening activity, immersed in the powdery perfume of lavender and the resiny fragrance of the Christmas tree and surrounded by pretty scraps of fabric and ribbon.
When I came across this book, I loved the idea of using vintage embroidered linen to make lavender bags. I have become a little obsessed with scouring eBay for pretty pieces. I'm going to have to make some miniature versions too because some of my linen scraps are too small for this template.
Lavender bags are very special things for me, because I remember my mother making them when I was a child. My little brother was in a choir that was going on a concert trip to Rome. My mum made batches of fudge and piles of sweet little lavender bags bordered with lace and we took them door to door on a big tray, selling them to make money for his trip! I was fascinated by the process and the pretty fabrics. (One day I'll try out her fudge recipe too).
I loved using vintage materials to make these (I used scraps of new cotton for the backing). I realise that a lot of my spools of thread are in fact 'vintage' because my mum passed on her big stash to me - a wonderful gift!
I have a stock of vintage ribbon that I bought from a local shop. I also like to re-use the ribbons that come inside new dresses to keep them on the hanger in the shop! (Hey Laura from Blue Eyed Night Owl - I love that you do this too!)
See, it looks so pretty as a little bow on the lavender heart I made for my friend! Hoarding things, and the little thrill I get whenever I feel I've got something "for free" is another thing I've inherited from my mum!
What has your mother passed on to you?

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