Sunday, 15 January 2012

be open, be free

I thought I'd share what I made for Romi, who won a custom collage badge in the giveaway over at Lo's blog Little Somethings. She asked for the large size badge and the phrase, 'be open, be free', and she said she loved nature (as you can tell from her sweet blog). I loved the phrase and the atmosphere this evoked, and found a cute deer in a vintage children's annual.
Although I showed this pretty bracelet already in this post, I thought I'd show it again, as I won it in the same group giveaway and it seems to have something of the same colours and atmosphere: leaf green, the freedom of nature and recycling (it's made from a vintage scarf). I think Lo of Printed Peaks makes really pretty jewellery, with a natural vibe that goes well with Romi's phrase. I'm so delighted to have won it!
Finally here is some lovely bunting by Romi, made from old pages from a children's novel. On her Etsy listing she says: "can you guess what it is? If you can and tell em in order conversations, you'll recieve a surprise gift in with your order! Clues- Published in 2011. Author's last name is Counstable. It's an Australian country book." I haven't worked it out, can you?

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