Friday, 20 January 2012

flour sack owl

Remember the pretty flour sacks my dad gave me that I wrote about in this post? Well, one of them has become part of this lavender-filled owl I made for a dear friend of my dad's. So this material will be winging its way back over to Austin - I like that thought.
This little creature is made entirely from vintage or salvaged material: vintage scraps from Rag Rescue for the wings, some flannel and wools scraps from my treasure trove for the mask and beak, vintage buttons for the eyes and part of an old sheet of my mum's for the back and eyes. Even the twine for hanging it is recycled (it bound a bundle of fabric I bought).
I think he'll do a great job of perfuming a wardrobe and guarding against pesky moths. I'm grateful for the inspiration from Ashlie, who posted this great collection of owl tutorials on her blog!

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