Monday, 23 January 2012

green-eyed owl

In more owl-related news, I finally finished off my owl brooch, based on the tutorial from Andrea at Paper Sparrow.
I think it looks pretty with my new handmade green cowl from Beth of Deer Little Fawn, which was part of the fabulous prize I won in her recent giveaway (another lovely blog, full of sweet and pretty things, for you to get acquainted with!)
{I love Beth's cowl so much I've been wearing it non-stop all weekend!}
Back to the brooch: Andrea's tutorial was featured in the Autumn Blog Party at Laura's Blue-Eyed Night Owl blog.
I was so delighted when I received Andrea's lovely parcel full of goodies I'd ordered plus a whole lot more besides. Included was one of the beautiful owl brooches she made for the blog party! 
 I love to wear it with this vintage jacket.
She also sent one to Laura (Blue Eyed Night Owl), which you can see in this post. I think I may make some more as presents now I've got the hang of it!

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