Saturday, 7 January 2012

uncommon objects

We had been longing to revisit South Congress (aka SoCo) in Austin: a wide, wide street with a whole lot of awesome shops to explore. My particular favourite is called Uncommon Objects.
On South Congress there a lot of vintage boutiques and the famous cowboy boot store, Allen's Boots (some amazing creations there if you have about $700 to spare) but Uncommon Objects stands out as totally original.
Part junk shop, part antique shop, part ever-evolving art installation, it contains myriad marvellous things: some very old, some newer, all "pre-loved", all beautifully displayed in crowded, colour-coded arrangements. You could spend hours in there and still not see everything.
I didn't dare take many photos (or ask in case they said no, which was very silly of me, really, as they seem pretty cool - check out their mission statement).
I don't know if these three snaps can convey something of the slightly-overwhelming and inspiring atmosphere of the interior.
From furniture to feathers, chessboards to children's toys, postcards to pin-cushions... I love the sense of thousands of untold stories dwelling within these (un)common objects.

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