Friday, 17 February 2012

DIY tickets to triangle art

Today I'm sharing an idea for making art from old bus tickets! I wouldn't call it a tutorial as such, since there are no special techniques to reveal, other than that of cultivating the strange impulse to hoard bus tickets!
For about a month my bike was broken. I kept forgetting to take it to the bike shop during its opening hours. It languished in the garage at work and I became a connoisseur of the local bus system! (This was rather costly, as you may notice from the some of these images!)
As the tickets accumulated in my purse, I decided I would try to recycle them, after all: paper is paper! I keep a little set of watercolours in my desk and one lunchtime I simply doodled all over them using 3 different colours. It was so much fun I forgot to have lunch!
 Then I cut each ticket into 4 squares (here I noticed that all the tickets are slightly different sizes, strange, huh?) and finally I cut these in half to make piles of pretty triangles. I am slightly obsessed with triangles at the moment.
I have already used them for a page in my Sketchbook Project (see top of this post) and have plenty left over for decorating card and letters and incorporating into other designs! And I've ordered a test swatch of fabric from Spoonflower, since I thought the summery, 1980s seaside feel of these patterns/colours might make a good print... It reminds me of a circle skirt I had as a little girl. And all thanks to bus tickets!

You may already know that I love salvage and using things that would normally be thrown away. I have a guest post coming up very soon on Painting Bliss full of ideas for recycling random bits and bobs - be sure to check it out!

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