Sunday, 26 February 2012

the highs and lows of sewing

On Friday night I made this cushion cover for a naked cushion that had been lying around the house. This lovely tutorial by Polkadot-pretties helped me to work out how to make an envelope-style cover.
I used some of the vintage feed sack material I bought in Austin and wrote about in this post. I thought it was such lovely, decorative fabric that it didn't need any extra embellishment. I just added some lining because the fabric was fairly thin (on the front only - next time I'll do the back too).
The lows: my sewing machine decided to go a little crazy. I had left it all ready to run from last time I sewed, on which occasion everything went smoothly. But for some reason this time there was a kind of disconnect between the top and bottom threads.

No matter what I did, it wouldn't pick up the bottom thread! It was so frustrating! I nearly gave up but in the end just tried using some different thread and suddenly it worked: any sewing experts who want to explain this to me, I'd be eternally grateful!
The highs: it was so satisfying to make something quickly that instantly made a difference to our home and filled a need. I was happy I kept going and didn't give up despite the mysterious machine problems. I also loved using this fabric, knowing it has come from faraway and long ago.
What's more, I learnt that, even though the sizing might be ever-so-slightly on the large side I am actually pretty good at 'winging it' - I made this without making a pattern first, just guessing using the cushion form and a tape measure to check it before the final sewing up. Sometimes on a Friday evening I just want to make something quickly & easily in the simplest way possible!

Now if only my machine would just play nice...!

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