Friday, 24 February 2012

snail mail, art & friendship

In this post I wrote about the penpal letters my friend Ash and I decided to write to each other on the 1st of each month. A few days ago the beautiful card she made for me finally arrived!
Ash being Ash, her card is a beautiful work of art: an original painting of a sweet redhead drinking tea on a polka-dot background. I love that strand of hair falling into her eyes, her little heart tattoo and how calm she is as she balances all those teacups on her head. I like to call her Miss Teacup. She has pretty blue eyes like the artist who painted her.
I also enjoyed the stamped on the back of the card with its cute little threat! Don't worry, I am not about to take any risks with my derrière: this little lady is going into a frame, with the lovely letter enclosed safely inside. I will love having Miss Teacup on my wall to look at as I drink my many cups of tea each day. If only I had such a pretty collection of teacups!
Above is a sneak (instagram) peek of the card I sent to Ash. You can see more on her blog, here. I realise I should have taken more care with the way I wrote the date on the front (not pictured here). I wanted to mark that date of our first exchange but should have made it prettier - but hey, you live you learn! Our first exchange has been wonderful. I simply cannot wait till 1st March and our next letter day!
While on the subject of snail mail, I also received letters in the post from two other lovely bloggers, Claire and Polly. Claire's pretty letter (above) included some adorable stickers. I love the way Polly's card (below) shows a set of nesting dolls, with a mama matryoshka and three girlies: just like Polly and her girls!
Hooray for snail mail! It may take a little longer to arrive, but it has its own particular pleasures that can't quite be matched by electronic communication.

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