Thursday, 29 March 2012

fly and make creations

OK, so remember in this post I said that I'd received something inspiring from a friend? Well, I thought I'd share it with you today. As you must know by now, I'm a big fan of my friend and mixed media artist Ashlie Blake. So I was delighted to invest in a (very affordable) original artwork that was custom-made especially for me!
© A. Blake
Ashlie used a page from the literary newspaper the London Review of Books that I'd sent her as wrapping in a parcel. From that source, words emerged that were destined to encourage and inspire me, as well as a background that is like a growing tree.
© A. Blake
I love the perfectly small size and the pretty Spring colours: yellow, green, pink and white. The musical wings and heart reflect my love of music and I love the notes F and C (if read in the treble clef) on the white wing, as for me those notes have colours that perfectly match the colours of the painting (more on that some other time).
© A. Blake
I love the border around the edges of the miniature canvas too. And you can see that the words have pretty pink edges. I really do love my one-of-a-kind owl!
© A. Blake
I have a lot of making to do before next March 16th (34 things, at least!) and it's good to know this sweet little owl is going to be flying alongside me and encouraging me in everything I do.

I have received some other lovely things in the mail recently too, including some more birthday presents (I love how my birthday is lasting all month!) So there will be more posts to come sharing pretty things and the boundless creativity of my fellow bloggers!

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