Monday, 12 March 2012

parcel bliss

original art by Ashlie Blake
In a recent post I mentioned an incredible parcel I received. Today I decided to share some of its wonderful contents. I hesitated a little as it is quite personal, but in the end I couldn't resist celebrating it on my blog and sharing the inspiration it contained. I'm not going to show everything, just enough to show you why it made my (birthday) month (I received it 1st March)!

It came across the ocean from my friend and artist Ashlie Blake, who you've been hearing about a lot lately ;) This is because through our friendship, she has become a great source of inspiration in the creative side of my life, which is the subject of this blog. Her parcel was full of beautiful handmade things and encouragement for my own creativity.
Ashlie is amazing at crochet and made me this adorable crochet owl. She needed lots of hugs on arrival, or maybe it was me that needed the hugs? Either way, hugs happened! I love how all Ashlie's handmade/art creatures have a heart.
Another crochet owl arrived waiting to become an owl. I can't wait to bring him to life!
Ashlie loves birds and they feature a lot in her artwork. I think this necklace she made with a bird in flight and her delicate nest is very beautiful.
 This lovely golden owl decoration will always be where I can see it.
 Ashlie collects vintage buttons and I love buttons as you may know. This photo gives just an idea of the pretty button candy she sent me. 
The lovely crochet owl came with a delicious sachet of vanilla tea, which as a huge tea-lover I drank with great pleasure as I pondered my friend's inspiring generosity and how lucky I was to receive these wonderful gifts.

I thought how nice it was to receive tea with a parcel and decided then and there I would offer a free surprise sachet of tea with any Etsy orders this month (don't forget all you lovely blog readers are already entitled to 15% off with the coupon code FRIENDSHIP)

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