Wednesday, 21 March 2012

taking flight

I'm flying to LA tomorrow morning! I'm so excited: I've never been to California before. It's a work thing, but I'll have a little bit of time to explore too. 

For me California is the ocean, the surf, palm trees, highways & driving, the movies, sunshine, the Mamas & Papas song, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Point Break. I'm looking forward to having all my clich├ęs blown apart (& maybe confirmed a tiny bit too...)

I have no posts scheduled (I know, I'm so ca-raaaa-zy!) but will have my laptop so I'll let the inspiration of the moment guide me. Today, in the midst of packing and finishing off work and getting ready, I suddenly took a 5 minute break and collaged an owl in lovely California colours (above). I love it when creativity takes me by surprise!

I have to thank my friend Ashlie Blake for this, for she sent me some beautiful art that encouraged me to 'fly and create' - I'll be posting about that very soon. In the meantime, another kind of flight... See y'all on Venice Beach!

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