Friday, 9 March 2012

thank you for my portrait

When I saw that Rachele of the Nearsighted Owl blog was offering custom digital portraits free with sponsorship last month, I couldn't resist! I love the way her portraits capture individuality in a coherent style. I am a big fan of Rachele's blog and love her artwork too. Her blog posts are often illustrated with cute drawings in her own unique style. 
I love her Owls and Flowers project (Aster is shown above). Although it was supposed to be an alphabet and she's only done A-C so far they are so pretty and fun that they stand alone. She shared a great post about finding balance as an artist and the difficulties of balancing an abundance of creative desires and plans with realism about what is achievable - I think so many of us can relate to this!

I'm really delighted with my portrait - thanks so much Rachele!! She has drawn me wearing one of my favourite vintage dresses, and with an owl pinback, as I usually wear at least one badge and at least one owl somewhere every day!
Rachele offers custom digital portraits for a very reasonable price in her Etsy shop - check it out and get your own!

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