Tuesday, 6 March 2012

united colours

So I've been wondering for a while what to do about the blue armchairs in my workplace. The colour isn't quite me, and it certainly doesn't go with the pretty pale green walls.
I thought if I could make a cushion that brought blue and green together harmoniously, it might go some way towards uniting these disparate colours and making that space seem both more unified and more homely.
I'm pleased with what I made, even if I'm not sure it really mitigates the endless blue of the sofas. I used strips of fabric given to me by my mum and some old curtain material (also from mum) for the envelope back. When the front was finished it seemed to need a little extra something, so I appliquéd a square scrap of vintage embroidery over the top.
That is my first machined appliqué - oh my goodness it saves a LOT of time compared to hand-stitching!!
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