Sunday, 25 March 2012

vintage memorabilia

So yesterday I finally got to venture out into LA a little. I went to the awesome Los Angeles County Museum of Art, then on to a sweet old 1950s farmers market in the Mid-City West district. I came across this brilliant shop selling real old vintage memorabilia - loads of random bits & pieces of unsold stock from the 1930s to the 1980s.
 This cute die charm and toy clown watch front were on sale. I felt like I could have won them in some 1950s Christmas cracker!
I fell in love with these cute 1940s iron-on transfers. I am going to make something with a vintage aeoroplane on it for my little boy and little Sioux City Sue with her cowboy boots, hat and guitar, well, she's for me!
They had a bunch of things relating to the great Barnum & Bailey circus. This really brought back memories as I went to this circus when I was tiny when we lived in Arizona. I can still remember it: it was vast, there were two huge rings with so much going on. It was exciting, incomprehensible and overwhelming. I loved it, and was a little scared too.
I absolutely love the colours and typeface on this decal. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but I had to have it!
This little toy watch face is so cute (as long as you're not scared of clowns, which I'm not!) I'm going to make it into a brooch. You can change the time to any time you want it to be!
The die from 'Harold's Club' is already adorning my little orange purse, which a friend brought back from Beijing for me.
This is the farmer's market. I hung out there during the evening. It had a great atmosphere: so many fun little kiosk restaurants and cafes, selling every kind of food imaginable. I had a tiny, delicious taco and then some yummy ice-cream from Bennetts (see below) which is a home-made ice-cream business that's been there since 1963.
I have such trouble ordering here - no-one can understand me with me funny, foreign accent! It's weird because I'm so used to hearing American/Mexican accents (on TV, films etc.) that I have no problem understanding them, just the other way around. I am a true outsider here!

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