Tuesday, 3 April 2012

bloom and grow

It's Spring - and that means it's time to start planting things in the garden again! This Sunday I took my one-and-a-half year old to the garden centre and he helped me to pick out some things to grow.
He definitely wanted tomatoes - maybe he remembered how last year he liked to pick off the green ones and hide them in little corners of the garden (we still managed to get a few ripe ones!)
He said yes to the orange pepper, although he has so far in his short life refused to try sweet peppers (at least at home!) Maybe he'll feel inspired to eat it if he helps to make it grow.
He really, really didn't want the pansies and kept trying to take them out of the trolley. But I managed to sneak them in all the same. I like pansies!
He was intrigued by the idea of yellow tomatoes (well, maybe he was intrigued - he at least was happy to have them in the trolley).
Nasturtiums got a thumbs up, but not the kind I originally wanted - he picked these pale-leafed and pale-flowered ones with dots of dark orange in the centre.
I can't wait to see them flower. I love nasturtiums. As a child I was fascinated by the way water formed little pearls on their leaves and I loved the bright orange of their flowers.
Carrots! The little one used to love carrots but went off them when he was just about a year old, for some strange reason. I'm hoping to inspire him to love them again.
 I love their pretty, lacy green tops - almost as recognisable as the orange root below. I've never grown carrots before: if you have any tips for planting them out, let me know!

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