Friday, 20 April 2012

corduroy and cupcakes: quick fix

I believe there is a place in this world for opportunistic creating, by which I mean making something simply because the right set of circumstances arises, rather than sticking to the plan. This week I managed to squeeze in a quick fix of sewing, inspired by a sweet & speedy tutorial from the wonderfully talented Aukse of sheepy me.
Her mini-pouch was just what I needed for tidying stray pinback badges. I wear them all the time and for one reason or another they end up scattered through the house. This was also a great opportunity to use scraps from this vintage stash plus the cute cupcake fabric I got for my birthday.
I used a sweet pink button that was a gift from a dear friend, with little grooves that reminded me of the cupcake wrappers. For extra decoration on the very plain exterior I pinned a little floral badge made from a vintage picturebook. 
I love the way they just hint at the explosion of prettiness on the inside!
To save time, since I only had about 15 minutes to make this in, rather than hand-stitch the two pieces of fabric wrong sides together, as in the original tutorial, I stitched round right sides together on the machine, then turned out. Then I used blanket stitch to sew up the sides, in lilac embroidery thread (naturally I could have spent more time on this and got it neater!)
Sometimes the smallest, easiest things can be so satisfying. And it would only take spending a few extra minutes on a slightly more polished version to make a lovely handmade gift for a friend.

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