Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter bunnykins

This is my little Easter bunnykins! I'm so pleased with him (oddly he is a "he" despite his girly colours). He's entirely my own design, though I had lots of inspiration (as shared in this post).

He stands up all on his own, thanks to some rice in his bottom and little gusset. He has embroidered eyes, nose and paws, appliqué ears and tummy, and is stitched all round with a blanket stitch in shell pink embroidery (yay, blanket stitch was also on my list of 34 things!)
He is decorated with a little raggedy flower with a vintage button and pink stitches. The flower matches the Easter wreath - just a little gesture as I decided not to make him completely matching.
He has a little heart on his bottom in lieu of a cotton-tail. Yes, I liked that idea!
I'm so happy with bunnykins! I'm going to link him up with Claire. Happy Easter everyone!

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