Saturday, 21 April 2012

the highs and lows of sewing

Quite some time ago now, I made my first zip (zipper) pouch.
 'Oooh', I think I hear you say, 'that looks pretty! What sweet fabric! Is that a vintage zip I spy? Only 10p from the charity shop, you say? Nice one!'
 'And what a lovely choice of lining: it matches the umbrellas!' You might continue, kindly. But then...
 Ooops!! Whether I failed to measure my fabric correctly or didn't take enough care with my pinning I will never know. Maybe both (lessons duly learned). What I do know is that this pouch sat on my shelf with a reproachful gaze for several weeks.
Making the cute mini-pouch I shared in yesterday's post gave me an idea for salvaging this totally messed-up project: a quick blanket stitch round the edge et voil√†: a slighly odd-looking but usable zip pouch.
Here's to salvaging - and learning from - life's little mistakes.

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