Wednesday, 18 April 2012

owls from friends

One thing I love about blogging is meeting so many talented and creative people. Last month, for my birthday, two such people sent me beautiful, original handmade brooches. Even better: they both feature owls! I just had to share them, I love them so much.
This is a sweet and very unusual brooch from Laura of Blue Eyed Night Owl. What you have to know is that the cute little owl dangling from this perfectly-formed felt bow is really a little bell! It makes the prettiest tinkling sound as I walk.
I seem to have given my hair a greenish tinge in this photo but you can still see how the brooch livens up my boring beige dress. Also my toddler loves things that jingle, so he appreciates it too!
This tiny piece of one-of-a-kind art is by another friend who I regularly mention on this blog, Ashlie Blake of Painting Bliss. This is a very serene little owl, who also happens to have lovely bright, joyful colours that make me think of Summer. She is just perfect.
Brooches or badges and owls are things I like to wear everyday - even better when they are combined, better still when they are handmade wtih such care! I'm very grateful to my lovely friends for these particularly special owls to wear.

p.s. you can find more lovely felt creations from Laura in her fab Etsy shop HERE (she's on vacation right now but sign up to be notified when she returns!) and more beautiful brooches and unique mixed media art from Ashlie in her shop HERE.

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