Wednesday, 4 April 2012

pretty smashing

I've been hearing about Smash Books for a while, but this post by The Pampered Sparrow finally made me decide to order one. I had thought I really should make my own (it would be so much fun to make one) but with so many projects on the go, it felt good to take the pressure off.
Smash books are made by K&C Company Smash: they are easy-to-use scrapbooks with pretty pages (and they also sell lots of little things to go with them like stickers and date stamps). The idea is you can stick in anything you feel like, inhibition-free: you just "smash it in".
I can never bear to throw away anything pretty or meaningful to me, but I'm at risk of drowning in a sea of keepsakes! At the same time, I have so many other projects on the go, it would be hard to fit in proper scrapbooking (though it does appeal to me).
The Smash Book comes with a pen that is also a glue stick, for the easy smashing in of ticket stubs, pretty stamps, cards, magazine clippings or scribbled notes.
I think this situation also calls for copious supplies of pretty washi tape as well, however (a recent purchase from Washi Tapes was a birthday present to myself).
It's quick and easy and I think it will be a lovely keepsake book, full of happy memories and pretty little things. It's strangely liberating to feel that things I love holding on to now have a home, rather than gathering up in worrying little piles. I already feel a few degrees calmer!

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