Tuesday, 10 April 2012

scrap jar

 While doing a bit of sewing with my mother this weekend, I had a great idea for storing the tiny scraps of fabric I do not like to throw out. The fact is, there are so many ways of using scraps that even the smallest pieces can be used (see this great post for 24 awesome ideas!)
 I'd been keeping my scraps in a bag, plus crammed into corners of my sewing boxes, but the bag had to be stowed away, and with things in different places it's hard to see everything at once.
 Putting the scraps into a pretty jar means I can more easily see and access what I have. It becomes something pleasing to look at in itself and potentially even a source of inspiration.
Here I just used an old jar I happened to have lying around. However I can see lots of potential in this idea: I'd like to get a larger jar, or perhaps have several jars coded by colour and pattern. I'm looking forward to having all my little scraps prettily to hand for use in future projects!

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