Wednesday, 11 April 2012

stripes for summer

I love doing sewing when my mum's visiting. She doesn't actively "teach" me, but sits with me, chatting, giving little tips that often turn out to be vital, bringing her experience to the process in the gentlest way possible.
These toddler trousers (pants) are my first piece of clothing from scratch. I made them using this wonderfully easy pattern and tutorial by Made (another thing crossed off on my list of 34 things). They came up exactly the right size, which isn't quite right as the weather is still a little cool for them.
These snaps give an idea of how they look on. I think the 1960s tablecloth I used makes the cutest stripes! With the right little t-shirt they will look great. I just need to take the hem down a little. I can't wait to make the next pair (and will bear in mind just how tall my son is for 21 months!)

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