Monday, 2 April 2012

white rabbits!

This week, I will be making an Easter yarn wreath and a cute felt bunny rabbit to go with it (these are both things on my 34 things list). I still need to design my little bunny, however, so naturally I turned to the internet for some inspiration...
toy bunny by GardenBirdie on Etsy
This cute little felt creature is a rather larger rabbit than I'm planning, being designed as a toddler toy for creative play. I love GardenBirdie's Etsy shop - full of simple, pretty toys in natural materials, inspired by the Waldorf educational method. I love the fact that this bunny can stand on his own.
white bunny in plastic egg, by Buttons Boutique
What I love about this one, from online handmade shop Buttons Boutique, is the use of pretty fabric for the bunny's ears. The heart stitched on bunny's bottom is pretty cute too.
available from amazon
Dick Bruna's Miffy is a well-loved illustration classic. I love the simplicity of a little cross for the nose and mouth, as well as the sweet wide-spaced eyes.
available from amazon
I'm also a fan of Aranzi Aronzo and have a couple of their books, including this one. I love the little rabbit and bear who guide the reader through the sweet little sewing projects. I especially like the little pink cheek circles on this appealing bunny. My rabbit is also going to be pink & white to go with the pink, green and white wreath.
little felt rabbit tutorial by Craft Interrupted
This super-sweet leaping rabbit comes with her own tutorial, courtesy of Craft Interrupted (a blog I'm rather pleased to have stumbled across in my bunny hop!) There is even a template, which would certainly make things easier for me, but I think I'm going to make a sitting-up and facing-forward rabbit this time...
© Andrea Courchene
Finally, I wanted to share something slightly different: this delightful original painting by Andrea of Paper Sparrow, which I was lucky enough to buy during her amazing sale to celebrate her shop's 4th birthday recently. I just love the colours, the kites and the atmosphere. I have the original, but you can still buy a print here - it would make a great Easter gift.

I'm looking forward to showing you my bunny (and the wreath) later in the week. Are you making anything for Easter?

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