Monday, 14 May 2012

child's play

I managed a little trip to my friendly local craft superstore this weekend and realised how much I still love the kids' section. It's where the brightest colours and easiest projects can be found, taking me back to happy, messy childhood memories.

I needed some decorative paper for a project (more on that in a future post) and decided to make some myself using that awesome childhood method: potato printing! The last time I did this I was about 11 years old, making holly prints for wrapping paper: we still re-cycle that paper every year :)

From a tiny potato came childlike stars and hearts, and I used the back of a crayon for polka dots. It was exactly the look I wanted: like it had been done by a child... but not my under-two-year-old child since I still wanted a little bit of order and neatness... more like if a six-plus-year-old had done it!

There's nothing more liberating than reconnecting with one's inner child. I spent a therapeutic evening making pretty patterns and look forward to turning the paper into something fun too...

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