Friday, 4 May 2012

dreaming of bunting

Funky Floral Bunting
{funky floral bunting by Jenny of Sew Obsessed}
I love bunting, or banners, or garlands - whatever you want to call them they are just as pretty and decorative! There is something magical about these strings of triangles that can be used to adorn walls, trees, doorways, mantelpieces - you name it! Just as the triangle seems to be having a moment, so too have bundles of bunting sprouted up all over the web.

I first decided I had to make some when I saw the swathes of prettily fraying bunting at my friend's laid-back summer country wedding last year, shown below.
I love the mixture of rectangles and triangles and the use of recycled fabrics.

Another friend made some bunting last year for Kate and Will's Royal Wedding using only her husband's old shirts!

I'm going to be making two sets: one for my son's 2nd birthday with his name on it, as seen in my 34 Things To Make list, and the other one for my friend's going-away tea party. As both parties will be themed red, white and blue, the latter can be re-used in the former - how's that for efficient?!

I've been thinking a lot about the look of my bunting & have decided I want shallow, even equilateral triangles, something like these:
{by evajeanie}
And I also want my bunting to be double-sided, with a different fabric on each side, so it doesn't have to be hung on a wall - it can go from tree to tree or across a room.
If you're wondering how to make bunting, you could check out this DIY on Rhubarb & Rose - it's delightfully floral and the instructions are very clear. I love this atmospheric photo of the garland gracefully draped between the leaves.

I look forward to updating you with my progress on this one!

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