Saturday, 5 May 2012

heart is where the home is

I am a bit of a homebody. It took me years to learn this! I imagined myself a nomad global traveller, adventurous and always on the move. Turns out I settled in the city where I came to study and loved the feeling of putting down roots! I love my cosy little terraced, grey-brick house and long narrow garden. I got to thinking about these things after entering an amazing giveaway going on right now at the rikrak studio.
I've been a fan of the little red door for a while. Toni's brightly-coloured, shiny little mini houses remind me of creating toy villages as a child and make me want to imagine a little home full of stories inside every one. My dream is to own one of her custom alphabet sets: a tactile rainbow alphabet of little clay houses calling out to be held. Houses spelling out the name of my son would be amazing too.
The appeal of the little red door highlights just how well the simple shape of a house works as a motif: one of the first things children learn to draw, its set of squares and triangles (and perhaps the occasional curve!) is geometric and striking. It has got me itching to use house motifs in my craft projects - as an appliqué perhaps. And naturally Etsy is full of inspiration on this front, as you can see below!

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