Wednesday, 2 May 2012

one name three ways

In a cruel twist of fate, right after my post celebrating my reasons for blogging, my little one got sick, I got sick and my husband got sick... and blogging went right out of the window! While I rush round frantically trying to catch-up with everything (or even just make it in to work with hair that is brushed - which did not happen this morning) I thought I'd share some badges I made for a custom order recently.
It was a challenging and inspiring custom order because Fiona has a real sense of style and all kinds of design likes and dislikes. My especial favourite is the last one with its bright berries. She had mentioned a dream with berries in it and I loved trying to find the right colours to evoke it, on a background of sea-wash grey. 

As well as my usual mix of vintage and contemporary magazines and papers, I also used a few touches of pencil, paint and pen to give definition to some of the shapes.

Custom orders are my favourite, so if you need anything just let me know!

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