Saturday, 30 June 2012

correspondence club

This month I took part in the Correspondence Club, a snail mail exchange run by the lovely Nnenna of Starcrossedsmile. I was paired with Natasha of Don't think or judge, just listen.

She sent me this beautiful pink rose print card, and two pretty mini-notebooks with more pretty flowers and biblical quotations. She also included a magnetic photo frame, which is a really sweet and thoughtful idea. (Part of the deal is to include a small gift - $5 or under - with your letter).

Most of all, though, I loved her letter. It was very chatty, sweet and funny, and I got a real sense of her bubbly personality. Plus she asked questions which made me want to write back! Thank you so much Natasha, and pleased to meet you!
Correspondence Club
You can see a glimpse of what I sent, and find out details of how to sign up, HERE. Or just click the button above for more details about the Club.

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