Monday, 11 June 2012


I love nasturtiums, they are one of my favourite flowers. I bought these as babies and wrote about it in this post. Sadly many of the seedlings I bought in that post were killed off by freak late frosts, but I'm happy to say these survived and are now blooming! Just look at the red streaks, like watercolour paint swept across the glowing yellow petals!
I love the leaves too, like green saucers with gracefully undulating edges. As a child, I love to let drops of water fall on the leaves and watch as each drop immediately formed a shiny silver ball in response to the waterproof coating. Nasturtiums are part of the garden memories of my childhood. We always had bright orange ones, but this time my toddler chose a different colour: so they are of the past but also something new...
I'll try not to post too many rose photos... but I love my roses so (I have 16 rose plants in my garden)! These pink ones are a blaze of colour right behind where we ate lunch outside yesterday, at our table surrounded by lavender bushes.
These pink roses are rambling along the trellis between our garden and the neighbours. In the first part of the garden we also have more formal bushes, a type of rose names "Peace". These yellow/pink roses with very dark leaves are not what I'd have chosen myself, they were here when we moved in, but I've grown fond of them - I think you always grow fond of anything you nurture and tend to.

The flower heads have become smaller over the years because I never do the special pruning required to make huge flowers - I prefer them smaller and more natural. A lot of the process of making our garden "ours" over the past 4 years has been about culvitating a more natural look. Not truly wild, just comfortable and abundant-looking (that's the typical English style of garden!)
This is the "orchard" end of our garden -  with 2 plum trees, 2 apple trees, shady and the most verdant and natural of all (it goes in stages from the patio by the house to this end... interrupted by the charming plastic playhouse, of course!) I love it because it almost makes me feel as though I had some "land" - even though our garden is only about 10 feet wide! From these photos you'd think the weather was great, but really it was just a momentary break in the unending floods of rain... I'm just no good at taking photos in the rain. How are your garden/park days at the moment?

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