Wednesday, 20 June 2012

little owl

Sometimes smaller is harder. I thought this little guy, who I made for a friend's baby, would be a quick little project. In fact it took just as long as my regular crinkle owls. Weird, huh?

Each time I make something, I learn a lot. I learnt that crinkly materials don't crinkle so well in small quantities/spaces.

I also learnt that it's not a good idea to have the turning-out gap at the bottom of the owl because the feet get in the way (and the feet ended up with one shorter than the other!)

I read somewhere recently - can't remember where - that manual activities can function as the equivalent of meditation. They require just enough concentration and focus that any stressful thoughts are screened out. And they force you to be present in the moment. That's how sewing feels for me.

This owl was one of my 34 Things to Make - I have to keep reminding myself of the list, because new things are coming up all the time!

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