Thursday, 5 July 2012

quilting experiment

I recently began sewing a pouch for a friend's birthday. I didn't have a fully formed design in my head, but it was loosely based on ideas from Auske of Sheepyme (as shown HERE) and the simple envelope purse in this book. After coming across this tutorial, however, I decided to quilt it!

I had already vaguely thought the pouch could be used as a camera case, so had included some batting between the layers of fabric. This seemed like the perfect moment to experiment with some simple (machine) quilting without the risk of messing up a larger patchwork project. The tutorial mentioned above has really helpful instructions about how to go about it.

{image courtesy of Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom}

Although it was a little time consuming, it was actually very easy to do, and I can't wait to try actually quilting a patchwork quilt next time I make one! These diagonal lines are obviously a long way from the elaborate curly-whirly patterns that one sees from advanced quilters, but it was an experiment I'd definitely like to repeat and perhaps take further.

Here are some views of the inside of the pouch. I think once I'd got my head around the idea that quilting is really just top-stitching but in patterns across the whole surface, I realised how simple it really is!

Incidentally, one of the things I like about the purse in this book is that it has a snap closure, which is both easy and rather convenient. Some of my vintage flower buttons added a bit of homely decoration on the flap, et voilĂ !

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