Monday, 24 December 2012

wrappings - toddler made

There are so many things that are joyous about having a 2 1/2 year-old in your life at Christmas: bascially you get to experience Christmas as a child all over again (well, I never really stopped, I confess!) Christmas crafts are one of them. This is the perfect age to make homemade wrapping paper.

It was as simple as stamping a pre-cut sponge shape onto brown packing paper. My son loved painting the sponge (something he'd spend far longer on than strictly necessary). I was on hand to fill in little gaps with my paintbrush too.

Then I simply let him press down the sponge wherever he wanted to on the rolled-out paper (and would help him to make sure all the edges printed - he got really upset if the whole shape didn't print properly!)
We didn't make huge amounts - there are limits to the lengths of time that can be spent on any one activity at this age. So I saved the pretty paper for extra-special gifts, and ones where I knew he could be there at the gift-giving moment, to take pride in his work.

Add a pretty ribbon (re-used, of course!) and a hand-stamped gift tag (toddlers are also great at stamping - same principle as sponge-printing!) and you have a beautifully-wrapped gift. I can't wait to give this one to my mother tomorrow!

In case I don't catch you in the next few days: happy Christmas!

Oh yes, and do check out this brilliant recipe video for the perfect festive drink that is also totally pregnancy-friendly! (Lauren's blog The Past on a Plate also happens to be one of my favourite blogs).

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