Saturday, 5 January 2013

34 things to make - again

Back in March 2012, right after my birthday, I decided to make a list of craft projects I wanted to try before my next birthday, in a bid to keep track of what I was making and actually get around to doing a lot of things that caught my imagination while reading blogs etc.

It was going OK, even in spite of my creative hiatus this Summer (bad 1st trimester of pregnancy). I had made a number of my "things" and was crossing them off on the original post and linking to the result as I went along. Then, yesterday, I managed to delete all the content of that post! Merde! (That's a word I can't use anymore because my son started copying me - but I'm assuming there are no little kids reading this blog!)

{image from this lovely blog post}
All I can think to do is to try to recreate my list, just like the character Toad from one of my favourite childhood storybooks Frog and Toad Together, when Toad's to-do list blows away in the wind. Like Toad, I can't let go of my list altogether - and hopefully, like him, I'll remember the most important things!

And if some things get swapped in for other things I'm currently longing to make, well that's okay too, right?

Things I've already made:
n.b. just from the 34 things list - I made a whole bunch of other stuff too, of course!
- Easter wreath
- Easter rabbit, and blanket stitch
- Toddler trousers
- Bunting (also here)
- Owl toy for G's baby
- Magnets, and Fimo millefiori
- Tote bag
- Quilted pencil case
- Quick baby quilt
- little owl

Things still on the list:

- This simple Summer top from A Beautiful Mess.
- Yo-yo & button bobby pins  [Love these! See them here]
- something knitted - I am learning! [My baby blanket is progressing well][And here's the finished baby blanket!]
- a cuddly cat (originally just "creature") [See my vintage fabric/old sweater cat here!]

- something in hexagon patchwork (allowed to be a small project!)
- a play mat for the new baby (okay, yes, that's a new one since I wasn't pregnant the first time I put this list together!) [here's the bright patchwork playmat I made]
- decorate a crochet owl (I've been mulling this over for more than a year - finally getting there, I think...!)
- bright cushions for the new children's room we're building (an adaptation of something on the previous list) [see my bright cushions from vintage fabric here]
- fabric bow hair clips
- make something from Ashlie's gorgeous sea creatures fabric [have a look at this birthday mini tote]
- make something from my own triangle fabric!

{image from Closet Cooking}
- the gorgeous chocolate-dipped crystallised orange peel sweets from this book
- mini seat pads for kiddo chairs
- burp cloths [done and what pretty things they are!] & nappy cases for the new baby boy (erm, yes, I added these too!)
- a sunhat - can't remember if it was supposed to be for me or for a little one; let's say it could be either.

- small reversible patchwork bag
- scented sugar scrub (this is a new one - but I know there were more non-sewing projects on the list and I really want to make this!)
- doodle brooches inspired by this book [see my doodle heart brooches here]
- owl cushion (can't remember if this was on the list, but it's been on the cards for ages)

- something from my mother's half-finished lavender sachets (I'm thinking something different... maybe a baby mobile?)
- a charm necklace

Phew! Who knows if I'll manage it all before my next birthday, but at least I get to have the satisfaction of crossing things off the list.

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