Friday, 11 January 2013

collage man - toddler made

My little boy is 2-and-a-half now and I'm so excited that he's reached an age where his motor skills make arts/crafts easier and more fun! He loved making this little collage man, with his wool hair, painted hat, and fabric-scrap collage trousers/shirt.

It definitely still needs to be a joint activity at this age, and I'm relishing doing things like this with him while I don't yet have a newborn baby to attend to constantly! He especially loved painting the hat, and drawing the mouth and nose by himself (as you can see he tried to paint these on with glue initially). I found that he got a little bored with sticking the tiny pieces of fabric onto the trousers, so I would do bigger pieces another time. I was amazed that he chose such symmetrical pieces though - I assure you that was entirely his choice!

I really love our little display for his artwork. I found this handmade wooden train hanger by Shellyka on Etsy last Spring and it is perfect for showing off his latest creations - plus each picture becomes a carriage on the train! (P.s. she does them in rainbows, cars and even owls too!)

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