Tuesday, 8 January 2013

it's hip to make one...

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I'd learnt some knitting basics from my mother at Christmas but had been putting off getting started. Fortunately I saw my mum again this weekend and in her presence I felt braver about making that first stitch. I knew I needed a baby steps project, and with a baby on the way, a blanket made of simple squares seemed the perfect choice.

So here it is, folks, my first ever knitted square! It's imperfect, squiggly, a little loopy, and boy am I proud of it anyway! I think I'll embroider a little star on it or something to remind me that it's the first thing I ever knitted. I've decided to do the whole thing in simple garter stitch (even though I do know how to purl!) By the time I've made 36 squares, I should be a dab hand!

And now I'm launched, I can't stop! I'm finding it totally addictive and meditative. I keep saying, "just one more row, and then I'll stop!" Mind you, with all these squares to knit over the next couple of months, and given how incredibly slow I am, it's a good thing I'm hooked!
P.s. something knitted is on my (re-created) list of 34 things to make - just click the button to see it.

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